ISSN: 2458-8865
e-ISSN: 2459-1505
Founded: 2016
Period: Tri-annual
Publisher: Yusuf Haydar ERTEKİN
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Type: Peer-reviewed, National and International, open access journal

National Index: Tr-Index/Ulakbim
International index: DOAJ and Index Copernicus
Submission-Publication Period: 4-6 months (to be decided before the next issue)
Submission Language: Turkish or English
Publication Language: English (Turkish articles are translated before printing)
Pre-control requirement: It must pass Scope, Ethics, Quality and Plagiarism checks.
Submission Fee: 1200 TL*
*Requested if it passes pre-control. Not subject to acceptance or rejection

Family Medicine, Palliative Care
Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Psychiatry
Gynecology and Obstetrics, Emergency Medicine
Minor Surgery Branches

Family Practice and Palliative Care       ISSN 2458-8865       E-ISSN 2459-1505