Ethical Principles and Publication Policy

The scientific papers to be submitted to our journal should comply with the current recommendations of the World Health Editorial Board (ICMJE) and the standards of the Publication Ethics Committee (COPE).

Submitted articles must be unpublished and not under review in any other setting.

In case of plagiarism, COPE directives are followed.

It is mandatory to upload the Copy Rights Transfer Form, ICMJE form and Ethics Committee files at the application stage. Retrospective studies are also included in this rule.

Ethical committees' approval for experimental, clinical and drug research according to the ethical standards of the Helsinki Declaration and the informed consent of the participants should be taken and detailed in the Methods section of the article. In animal studies, it should be stated that the study was carried out in accordance with the principles of the Guidance on the Use and Care of Laboratory Animals and the ethics committee approval was obtained from the relevant institution.

Research and publication ethics must be complied with in the articles to be submitted. The responsibility of the manuscripts belongs to the authors.

The reviewer forms of the articles rejected by peer-review are notified to the responsible author.

Open access to reviewer forms of articles can be provided.